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Find Your Perfect Fit

Arc'teryx Pack Sizing Charts

How to Find Your Back Measurements

Arc'teryx packs are sized either in 3-length options: Short (S), Regular (R) and Tall (T), or in 2-length options: Short/Regular (SR), and Regular/Tall (RT).

Sizing refers to YOUR OWN BACK LENGTH

Measure your Back:

  • Measure along the spine between the 7th cervical vertebra and the level of the hip iliac crest
  • Compare this measurement to the Sizing Charts
  • It is possible to interchange different size shoulder strap and hipbelt components on many Arc'teryx Packs, but this will not change or affect the back-length of the pack.
    MEN'S         WOMEN'S
    3-Length Options   2-Length Options         3-Length Options   2-Length Options
    (S) Short
    (R) Regular
    (T) Tall
      (SR) Short-Regular
    (RT) Regular-Tall
            (S) Short
    (R) Regular
    (T) Tall
      (SR) Short-Regular
    (RT) Regular-Tall
              in.     cm.          
              23     58          
          RT 22     55.5          
          21     53 T        
    R                   RT
        20     50.5      
        19     48      
    S             R    
        18     45.5    
          17     43      
            16     40.5    
              15     38      
              14     35.5        
              in.     cm.          

    cm in  

    Hipbelt Sizing in Inches

    Size Small Medium Large
    inch inch inch
    Men's 27 - 32 32 - 37 37 - 42
    Women's 25 - 30 27 - 32 30 - 35

    Hipbelt Sizing in Centimetres

    Size Small Medium Large
    cm cm cm
    Men's 68 - 81 81 - 94 94 - 106
    Women's 63 - 76 68 - 81 76 - 89
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