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Arc'teryx LEAF news and press releases.

Arc'teryx LEAF - Urban Wolf

From a distance, or in situations with marginal light, the greyscale tone of most surfaces is dark grey. Concrete, glass, asphalt and rooftops are common modern backgrounds, environments that are subject to low ambient light and shadows. In these conditions, black stands out in the shadows, easily identifiable and clearly defined. In contrast, dark grey is the least visible colour; it blends into its surroundings.

Optimized for urban and industrial environs and their margins, wolf breaks with tradition and introduces a colour blend for modern environments. A modern alternative to traditional uniform colourways, grey is less traditional and therefore a less recognizable uniform of authority. Wolf introduces a covert tonal shade for law enforcement purposes in urban environments.

Available in the new Drac Jacket and Drac Pant, Bravo Jacket and new Naga Hoody, the wolf colourway is a practical uniform option and is the colour preferred for Law Enforcement/SWAT and Military Special Forces use.

Arc'teryx leads the pack with Urban Wolf—on patrol in the margins.

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